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Individualized Counselling

For those struggling with a variety of issues including:
life transitions, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, stress (personal and work related),
communication issues, grief and loss; and those seeking better balance in life.


Virtual, in-person or by telephone.

In general counselling can help you gain new perspectives on your behaviour, emotions, thinking and communication. Therapeutic goals will be determined between you and me, the counsellor, to meet your unique needs/goals. Counselling sessions are virtual, in-person or by telephone.


Helping you to cope.

Usually one knows that he/she/they need help when an issue or issues become unmanageable. A physician may have diagnosed you with depression which is not like being blue one day. Even if you are on medication, often therapy is recommended to help in coping with depression. A work situation becomes irritating to the point where you think of quitting but instead you decide to seek help from a therapist who can objectively look at what you are experiencing and help you find ways to deal with situations differently.


50-minute appointments; they begin and end on time.

Many people want to know how long it will take for them to experience change. It is different for everyone. Initially I will do an assessment and provide feedback at the end of the session. From there, some people can work through and issue in 2-5 sessions; others like to come regularly to check in on their progress; and there are those who book an appointment when they feel the need. This too is collaborative.

FREE 15-Minute Consultation

One-time initial 15-minute consult